Sunday, August 29, 2010

Growing Cherry Trees from Seed

Can You Grow Cherry Trees from the Seeds of Store-Bought Cherries?

Ever eaten a wonderfully tasting cherry and considered whether or not you should try to grow a tree of your own from that little pit? It is a tempting idea and it can be done...sort of. There are some things to consider before you drag out the potting soil and trowel. Not all cherry seeds are created equal.

Saving Cherry Seeds

If you are going to attempt to grow a cherry tree or two of your own, collect the pits or seeds from many cherries. Cherries should be fully ripened and free of any defects or blemishes. If you have actually picked your own cherries, make sure the tree was healthy as well. Your seed stock should come from the best possible source you can find to help ensure optimum results.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Apricot Tree Problems

Apricot trees are one of the few fruit trees that have relatively few problems. The few they are susceptible to generally stem from poor care or environmental circumstances. In spite of their fast-growing nature, apricot trees only live to be 20 or 30 years old so good care is important. Just by using simple care methods and inspecting for insects can keep your apricot tree producing for many years.

Pruning Apricot Trees

If good maintenance practices are being followed, apricot trees only need pruning every 3 years or so to maintain a scaffold structure. This allows good air flow and sunlight penetration, both crucial to good fruit production and overall health. Neglecting a pruning regimen can lead to overcrowding within the canopy.

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Here are some intersting books on growing apricots and recipes for using them.