Friday, October 29, 2010

All About the Flowering Dogwood

From History to Myth to Uses, Everything You Could Want to Know About the Dogwood Tree

Native Americans and early American settlers have prized the flowering dogwood tree as far back as the 1700's. Today they are primarily valued for their delicate white or pink flowers and purplish fall leaves. They are popular in home landscaping as well as commercial and are still prevalent in forest stands as understory trees, peeking out from beneath taller trees. Dogwoods are among the first to bloom in the spring, giving their owners an added benefit of early flowers.

Description of the Dogwood Tree

An ornamental tree, the flowering dogwood produces small, 4-petaled flowers, called bracts, very early in the spring. Some varieties are pink in color but most and those found primarily in the wild are white. Each petal has red spot on the center of the outer edge, giving it a focal point. Flowering dogwoods average 15 feet in height but can soar to 30 feet in the right conditions. Read More

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