Monday, November 8, 2010

About Weather Damage And Pecan Trees

Weather can be a devastating foe for pecan trees
Who doesn’t love pecans? Imagine having your own pecan tree. Growing pecan trees isn’t all that difficult but there are some factors which can cause damage to pecan trees. Being aware of the circumstances an signs of damage can help you care for your pecan tree. Healthy pecan trees mean delicious nuts for years to come.

Some of the more common types of damage faced by pecan trees come from insect, disease and weather conditions. Cultural factors such as the planting site and growing conditions can contribute.

Cultural Factors

Providing for the needs of your pecan tree is good step toward insuring its continued health. Planting in well-drained soil that is loose will allow proper root development. They need full sun and adequate watering. If these conditions are not provided, the pecan tree can become stressed. Stressed trees are more likely to suffer from disease or insect infestation. They will also have a more difficult time recovering from damage caused by weather. Read More

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Persimmon Trees Make a Wonderful Addition to the Landscape or Home Orchard

Native or Oriental, Astringent or nonastringent; there is a lot to learn about persimmon trees.

Several years ago, I discovered a pair of persimmon trees growing on my property. It was fall and their leaves had nearly all dropped but suspended on their branches were plum-sized orange fruits. Having never seen a persimmon tree before, I was intrigued and investigated. This is what I’ve learned about persimmon trees.

The fruits of the persimmon tree are classified as berries. The trees can reach up to 40 feet in height, depending on the variety, and turn varying shades of red in the fall. The fruits, orange orbs that range from plum-sized to peach-sized depending on variety, ripen in the late fall, after the leaves have dropped. Both the leaves and the fruit and bursts of color perfect for autumn scenery.

Persimmon trees can be broken into several categories. They can either be native-growing or Oriental. They can also be classified as astringent or non astringent. Let’s look at these categories more closely. Read More

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