Friday, April 8, 2011

“E” is for Early Blooms

One of the things I love most about trees is the springtime blooms so many of them produce. After looking out my windows at dreary gray skies all winter and lifeless trees looking like desolate sentries doing their best to keep spring at bay, the tiniest little buds begin to emerge. They are just tiny specks at first, giving just a hint of the color about to erupt. Branches are soon speckled with buds and the color itself begins to actually breathe life in to the tree and in turn into me. I just thought I would share some photos of early spring bloomers that get my tree-loving blood pumping each spring.
Photo by Institute for Hamburger Studies on Wikimedia Commons

The flowering dogwood, particularly the pink varietry are among my favorite early spring-blooming trees.
photo by Rob Farrow on Wikimedia Commons
I have flowering plum trees and when they are in full bloom, there is nothing quite as beautiful.
photo by Theresa Leschmann

Redbuds adorn lawns and dot roadways adding varying degrees of pinkish-purple to the landscape.
photo by Theresa Leschmann
The flowering crabapple is another favorite with its deep, rich pinks. These trees really pack on the blossoms, giving them a lush look.


umbrellalady said...

I can hardly wait for the trees to bloom here - they are just so lovely that they make me smile!