Sunday, April 1, 2012


Arbors or structures like them date back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, perhaps even farther. The actual definition of an arbor is “A shady resting place in a garden or park, often made of rustic work or latticework on which plants, such as climbing shrubs or vines, are grown” according to The Free Online Dictionary

A pergola like this gives an open, airy feeling

Using this definition, an arbor can be many from a large tree that provide ample shade or a combination of elements that work together to create a shady resting spot.

A few years ago, the county did some road work and redesigned the frontage of my property. I have been working to create an arbor of my own in what is now a sun drenched area. Several rose bushes, a pink lilac bush, some azaleas and a butterfly bush have been planted along the edge of the property to obscure the chain link fence. 

Arches like this can be the ideal spot for climbing plants like roses or grapevines

Set back from it are some young trees I dug up from other parts of the property and moved there. Among them, I have moved an American Redbud, a white dogwood and a plum tree which has its first crop of plums this year though the tree is only 5 feet tall. I don’t know what type of plum tree it is because they were here when we bought the place and the older ones have all died off now. 

Next up will be to dig up a black, wrought iron arbor my mother bought me as a hose warming gift when we moved here 14 years ago and move it to this new location. I have 2 pink, climbing rose vines I purchased that I hope will claim the arbor in time. 

Imagine sitting under the shade of this wisteria.

The area I am working on should be partially visible form mu office where I spend the majority of my day and from my living room. I am hoping it will be an inviting place where I can sit with my laptop and work, when weather permits.


Marie Anne said...

I'd love to have an arbor in my back yard, but I have so many other things that NEED to be done first. Is the work of a homeowner ever done?

umbrellalady said...

Arbors are so beautiful when they are done and grown.

Wendy H said...

How pretty! What a labor of love when you are finished.

Have a great week!